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Xootr Kick Scooters

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Xootr Dash

- $229.00
Our lightest scooter with a narrow deck
Colors: MM

Xootr Mg

- $249.00
Our most advanced scooter

Xootr Cruz

- $249.00
Birch deck. The original Xootr

Xootr Roma

- $289.00
Lightest, smallest Xootr with a metallic deck

Xootr Street

- $339.00
"Bulletproof" CNC-machined deck

If you live in the city, take some sort of mass transit (ie. bus, subway, or train) into work, or just want to keep up with your kids around the neighborhood, our adult kick scooters just may be the perfect way for you to get around. Get around faster than walking, add some exercise and excitement to your commute, and enjoy your personal mobility.

We offer five different models. Each one is assembled by hand here in Pennsylvania, USA and all come with the same large, fast polyurethane wheels. We know adults are in need of a great kick scooter. Every Xootr kick scooter can accommodate adults up to 6'7" (201cm), have platforms for real adult sized feet, and support over 800lbs (363kgs). Our push scooters for adults are light, fast, easily fold into a compact size, and can add a lot of fun to your commute or errands around town. Experience why Xootr kick scooters have been called the "Rolls Royce" and "Porsche" of scooters

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