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Free Shipping Within Continental U.S. On All Scooters and Bikes

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Featured Product

Xootr Mg - $249.00

"The Porsche of scooters."


"...the answer to your lousy commute."

Popular Science

"First Class."


"The Xootr is the Rolls Royce of scooters."



  • All-magnesium deck for light weight.
  • Lowest deck of all of our adult kick scooters for efficient kicking.
  • Ultra-low-resistance polyurethane tires for a super-efficient glide.
  • Award-winning industrial design by Lunar Design.
  • Patented steering and folding system.

Swift Folding Bikes


  • A folding bike that rides just like a regular bike
  • Nearly all parts are industry standard...no weird and incompatible stuff.
  • One of the lightest folders out there (25lbs.)
  • Ready to go out of the box. We've made the hard choices for you.
  • Super stable, rigid TrusFold frame system
$799.00 (free shipping within continental U.S.)

Free Shipping Within Continental U.S. On All Scooters and Bikes

Xootr LLC (pronounced zoo-ter) is the designer and manufacturer of Xootr adult kick scooters, the Swift folding bicycle, and other products meant to assist those living and/or working in urban and city environments. Our push scooters and folding bike are an outstanding alternative means of adult transportation. Thousands of our customers who live in and around the city use our products as their primary means of transportation. Our products are also useful for those who live outside of the city, but are looking for an alternate means of commuting to work. Our human powered scooters, folding bicycle, and personal hand trucks travel easily on the train, bus, subway, or can even be packed in a suitcase when traveling outside of the country.

This is human powered urban scooter transport, meaning you push or kick them with your foot. We have found electric street scooters to be heavy and unreliable. We firmly believe that the best scooters for adults are the best kick scooters for anyone - durable, quality and shipping from a factory right here in the US. With our ultra fast wheels you can easily keep pace with an electric scooter while getting a great workout. Our kick scooters are designed and made with a high degree of craftsmanship, this is no toy or kids' scooter. While our scooters were designed for adults, many children love their Xootr scooter. Our kick scooter brand is Xootr. However some people spell it xooter scooter and even zooter scooter

The Xootr Swift folding bicycle is a customizable, lightweight folding bike that provides an alternative to the Dahon, Breezer, Bike Friday, Brompton, and Birdy brands of folding bicycle. The Xootr Swift is a real bike with classic frame angles and wheel base. The ride is essentially like that of a "hybrid" bicycle. Unlike many other folding bicycles, the Swift uses standard bicycle components which allows you to modify, upgrade, and repair the Swift with industry standard parts. This site also provides guidelines for commuting by bicycle as well as accessories like our very own Crossrack bike rack which allows you to mount a standard bicycle bag to almost any bicycle.