Xootr Cart Systems

Xootr Cart Systems
Xootr Cart Systems
For many years we benefited from having a folding hand truck around the office. It was great for carrying a box of copy paper, a case of beverages, or a heavy tool box. The only downside was that until now, folding hand trucks were pretty expensive. (We paid $200 originally.)

We've found a very nice foldable personal hand truck that is also quite affordable. This hand cart has two nice improvements over the workhorse we bought more than a decade ago: (1) the handle telescopes out with a single pull, and (2) the base and the wheels deploy in one motion when you simply step on the base plate with your foot to fold it down. This means you are ready to roll in three seconds.

This folding cart is also quite small and light, fitting in an overhead bin on an airplane.

A nice rig to have in the office, at home, or in the trunk of the car. Save your back.

Features and Specifications:

Xootr Cart Systems - $34.50 + shipping ($10.00 in US)