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After 10 years of building adult kick scooters and bikes, we've put together a list of resources based on questions we're commonly asked. From using folding bikes and scooters for green commuting to studies on the impact of climate on riding, we think the below articles will inform and educate.

Kick Scooter Buying Guide

Kick Scooter Guide For Adult Riders

Do Bearings Matter?

How A Scooter Can Shorten Your Commute

Scooter Gear

How Much Power Does It Take To Move A Person Around On A Scooter Or Cycle?

Are 406mm Bicycle Wheels as Fast as Standard 700C Wheels?

Tips For Commuting By Bicycle

How to Set Up a Bicycle for Serious Commuting in a City

The Environmental Paradox of Bicycling

Swift Suitcase Packing Instructions

Swift Carry Bag Packing Instructions