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Media Coverage


REDBOOK Magazine cover
"If your kids love cruising on their scooters, this is perfect for riding alongside."
Popular Science Magazine cover, March edition
"...the answer to your lousy commute."
Boating Magazine cover
"...perfect for dockside transportation"
Popular Science Magazine cover, December edition
"Best of What's New" Grand Award
KYW New 3 Logo
"... the ultimate scooter for grown-ups."
Shape Magazine cover
"ideal for grown-ups who want to zoom"
Popular Science Magazine Buyers Guide cover
one of "250 Great Things You Can't Live Without"
Popular Mechanics Magazine cover
"Considering a new sports car?" - choose the Xootr instead.
Popular Science Magazine Buyers Guide cover
"the lightest and fastest..scooter you can buy"
Logo for CBS News
"the coolest scooter of all time"
Fast Company Magazine cover
"the lightest and fastest..scooter you can buy"
Time Magazine cover
"The Xootr is the Rolls Royce of Scooters."
Kiplingers Magazine cover
"....the Porsche of Scooters."
Wired Magazine cover
Ranked "First Class," ..."bespeaks beauty as well as precision"
MOCA Design Matters exhibit
Xootr Street exhibited in "Design Matters" at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami through November 26, 2000.
Logo for Gadget Guru dot com
"Xootr is still my favorite"
Business Week Magazine cover
"Xootr Wins BusinessWeek Design Award for Consumer Products."
Popular Science Magazine cover, November edition
"the world's most advanced...scooter," ... "impressively engineered"
Access Hollywood gear segment
"This could be the coolest thing that has happened to me in the millenium...." -Pat O'Brien, Access Hollywood
The Wall Street Journal newspaper
"...the Xootr has an exceptionally stable ride..." Read the full article Confessions of a Grown-Up Kick-Scooter Rider


Business Week Magazine cover
"There's no compromise in performance here--it's comfy even on long rides and a good value..." Read the full story...
Bicycle Times 009 cover
"In rideability it excels...it handles remarkably easily and requires no adjustments to steering speed." Read the full article...
Metropolis Magazine cover
"Test riding the clean-lined Swift Folder through Brooklyn is certainly a proud experience for any rider used to heavier, springier, or sillier machines"
The Wall Street Journal newspaper
"Everything comes together with the Swift... Best Overall."
A to B cover
"Within a single pedal stroke you realize that this is a delightful bike to ride. It's one of those rare folding bike experiences...where every ounce of pedal effort seems to be translated directly into movement. Very satisfying and very efficient."
Logo for Commute by Bike website
"One glance at the Swift an you automatically think 'kid bike'. One ride on the Swift and you automatically think 'bad ass bike'." Read the full review...
CNN logo
Xootr gets some mention along with the "big" names in the folding bike industry in this article CNN did on their growing popularity.

The Bike Beat Blog

"I found that the Swift can really go fast, and feels no different than a full-sized frame..." Read the full review...


Inc Magazine cover
"First place in Inc Magazine's 2001 Best of the Web Awards"
youTube Logo
Xootr comercial posted on YouTube by our dealer in Israel.