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Our Kick Scooter Decks

Side by side comparison of a Xootr kick scooter to a Razor The "Razor" scooter and the various other "in-line skate" scooters are quite popular and can be fun to play around on. We feel that they make nice toys for kids. The primary weakness of the adult Razor scooter as compared to the Xootr is that it allows only one adult-sized foot on the deck. The Xootr is a high-performance vehicle for adults and young adults. Unlike toy scooters or other adult sized scooters, the Xootr has ultra-fast urethane wheels and bearings, a rugged solid aluminum structure, and high levels of craftsmanship applied throughout.

NOTE: The Xootr scooter pictured is an older model, but the overall dimensions of the scooter are exactly the same.