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Scooter Gear

By: Jamie Ulrich

To those in the scooter community, the true appeal of riding a kick scooter is understood. They have felt the wind rush through their hair as they propelled themselves forward with their kicking, seen the sidewalk blocks whizzing past under their wheels, and watched as onlookers everywhere gazed at them in a combination of jealousy and amazement. However, while the common scooter enthusiast may be familiar with all this, it is also more than likely that he/she is not fully maximizing his/her scooting experience.

There is a multitude of accessories available to the modern kick scooter user, allowing for total enjoyment on a level never before experienced. Every rider has different wants and needs, so choosing the proper gear to equip your ride can create a personalized touch and newfound comfort on board the kick scooter. This article will outline several of these options to upgrade.

Scooter riders across the globe rave at how their commute has been improved by riding a scooter, but why stop there? Further improvements to the ride to work can be easily achieved through equipping these simple upgrades.