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Rear Wheel Replacement' - Mg

If you do not have the necessary tools or are not comfortable with the steps below you can order the wheel replacement service.

We also made a youTube video which walks you through the procedure below.

Required tools


  1. Remove the bolt that locks the rear wheel in place using the 5 mm hex key and 10 mm wrench. Set the bolt, washer, and lock nut aside.
  2. Remove the rear wheel from the deck.
  3. Remove the snap ring from one side of the axle, remove the axle and put it in the new wheel, and reinstall the snap ring. Note: If you do not have snap ring pliers, you can purchase a Mg rear wheel which comes with the axle and snap rings already installed.
  4. Install the new rear wheel, making sure to align the holes in the deck with the holes in the center of the wheel.
  5. Replace the bolt by sliding it through the deck and pushing it through to the other side of the deck. Install the washer and lock nut and retighten the bolt. Tighten the lock nut to 0.25 Nm (50 in-lb)...fairly tight.