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Previous Generation Prev Gen Fender Kit

Xootr rear fender/brake kit
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Xootr Fender Kit - $24.95
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This Xootr Fender Kit is specific for older generations of Xootr kick scooters. The fender/brake kit installs on any older generation of Xootr push scooter in a couple of minutes. You will need just a M5 hex key to tighten two screws. The screws required to attach the fender/brake kit on previous generations of Xootr scooters are longer compared to the new generation of Xootr scooters. The kit includes an aluminum brake element and a nylon fender plus the longer fasteners to install on any Xootr scooter. The brake is actuated by pressing on the fender with your foot. Do not ride your scooter in the rain, as traction and braking are impaired in wet weather. The fender helps keep road grunge off your leg, but is not intended to make your scooter an all-weather vehicle.

How do you know if you have an older generation Xootr scooter? Basically if you need a locking pin to fold and deploy your Xootr kick scooter, then it is a previous generation kick scooter.


  • Shield Material

    : Nylon with M166 anti-slip texture
  • Brake Material

    : 6061 - T6 aluminum
  • Color

    : Black
  • Weight

    : 120 grams


Your satisfaction is very important to us. If at any time within thirty (30) days of the time of purchase you are not satisfied with a Xootr scooter product for any reason, and if you bought the fender kit directly from us, simply return the item to us and we will refund the full purchase price less any shipping (if applicable). If you prefer, we can send you a return label and deduct the amount of the return shipping from your refund as our commercial shipping rates are cheaper than normal retail shipping rates.


Because this is a wear item, we can only warrant to the original owner that the fender kit is free of defects in materials or manufacturing for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of purchase. If at any time within thirty days of your purchase, you discover a defect in materials or manufacturing, please contact us or your dealer. We will repair or replace the product. Replacements can only be sent to the original country of purchase.

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