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Silicone Handle Grips

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Silicone Handle Grips - $15.00
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These latex free silicone handle grips from ESI will mold to your hand to create a custom fit. They are engineered for maximum shock absorption, grip, and durability. Since the grips are UV resistant and non-pourous they will not harden or fade over time. You can simply clean them with rubbing alcohol or acetone to remove any grime and restore there tacky feel. The ESI grips reduce hand numbness and fatigue, as well as arm pump. Available in black, gray, blue, and bright orange.


  • Material

    : Latex free silicone
  • Weight

    : 60 grams


If you purchased the ESI silicone grips directly from us, you may return them within 30 days only if they are unused.

ESI Warranty

ESI provides a 30 day warranty to the original owner for their products. They require a receipt of purchase, so please be sure to keep a copy of your invoice. Should you need help with a Planet Bike warranty problem, please contact us for assistance with your claim.

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