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Kick Scooter Guide For Adult Riders

Scooters can be a lot of fun, but it is important to enjoy them safely. Kick scooter safety is an important part of getting the most out of your scooter. A crash or fall is a quick way to ruin what might have been an otherwise perfectly enjoyable ride. We at Xootr take the well being of our customers very seriously, which is why we design our kick scooters for adult riders to maximize experience and product durability. Some of the responsibility for safely using kick scooters falls on the rider, so we have produced this kick scooter guide for adult riders to help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Consider this your kick scooter safety course.

Riding Surfaces

Be aware of riding surfaces It is important to pay attention to the riding surface. The ideal conditions for using your kick scooter are when the pavement you are riding on is dry and even. Obviously, you will encounter obstacles such as puddles, cracks in the road, speed bumps, cobblestones etc. In these situations, take care to try and steer around them. Anything that might cause your front wheel to stop poses a threat to your safety. Another factor of riding surface that should be considered is the slope of the road. While hills present an exciting opportunity to capitalize on the gift of gravity, it is important to always remain under control.


As you develop as a kick scooter rider, you will become more comfortable traveling at high speeds. While this leads to greater enjoyment on the kick scooter, it is still important to stay within a safe range of speed. As you progress towards mastering your adult kick scooter, make sure to always be aware of your ability to stop, turn and maintain your balance.

Riding Posture

Evenly distribute your weight Always maintain good posture and a solid stance on your adult kick scooter. Your goal should be to evenly distribute your weight on the deck. Avoid standing too far forward, as this increases your risk of being thrown forward should your front wheel stop abruptly (as seen below).

Be Alert

Stay alert! Awareness of your surroundings is key to kick scooter safety. Automobiles, bicycles, other kick scooter riders and pedestrians are all potentially threatening to your kick scooter safety. Especially when riding in the street, make sure to limit your speed in order to allow for adequate time to react to an obstacle and turn or stop to avoid collision.

Kick Scooter Condition

Wear safety gear
src= Making sure that your kick scooter is in good condition is also an important step to ensuring Adult kick scooter safety. Xootr takes great pride in the quality of our product. However, because our products are built to last, many of our customers have owned their Xootrs for years and years. Though the foundation of our scooters remains strong, it is important to make sure that the wheels and brakes don’t wear down. We offer the opportunity for our customers to send in their Xootrs for refurbishment, so any worn pieces should be replaced. All kick scooters should be routinely checked for their condition, not matter their brand.

Helmet Safety

Though Xootr is one of the best kick scooters for kids, it is especially important to reinforce proper safety techniques to young riders. Children learning to ride any brand of kick scooter should take it slow at first. It is always possible for a child/young adult to overestimate his/her riding ability and travel at dangerous speeds. Children should wear an ANSI, SNELL, CPSC, or ATSM approved helmet. Kick scooter safety gear for children may also include wrist guards, knee pads and elbow pads, depending the age and skill of the young rider.

We hope our kick scooter guide for adult riders will help make your ride as fun and enjoyable as possible. No matter what kick scooter you ride, it's important to be responsible and understand the best way to ride an adult kick scooter.