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Replace Handle Clamp

Handle clamp replacement kit
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Replace Handle Clamp - $49.00
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If your handle clamp no longer securely holds your handlebar, the handlebar clamp may need to be replaced. This is most often caused by over-tightening the quick-release lever. We will replace your handlebar clamp and your brake cable with this service. We have made a video that shows how to replace the handle clamp or we also have old fashioned written replacement instructions if you prefer to replace it yourself.

By over-tightening the handle clamp you can also dent your t-handlebar. It may be that only the handlebar needs to be replaced or both. Once we have the scooter we will let you know if this is the case and how we need to proceed before we complete the work.

Once you order the service, ship your scooter to our facility (address below). If you prefer, we can send you a return label and add the amount of the shipping (manually) to your service as our commercial shipping rates are cheaper than normal retail shipping rates. The service will be completed within 3 business days and shipped back to you. Make sure to include your order receipt with your shipment. All prices include parts. Return shipping costs are calculated when you check out.

If you order multiple repair services for one scooter, we will credit you (manually) for any redundant shipping costs charged via our shopping cart shipping calculation.

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Attn. Service
1 Maxson Drive
Suite 4
Old Forge, PA 18518

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We warrant to the original owner that the replacement handlebar clamp is free of defects in materials or manufacturing for a period of sixty (60) days from the date of purchase, except as noted below. If at any time within 60 days of your purchase, you discover a defect in materials or manufacturing, please contact us or your dealer. We will repair or replace the product.

  • This warranty applies only to products manufactured and sold by Xootr LLC.
  • Damage caused by stunt riding, racing, or other abusive treatment is not covered by this warranty.
  • This is a consumer warranty and does not apply to products used commercially or in rental operations.
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