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Front Wheel Replacement' - Rear brake

If you do not have the necessary tools or are not comfortable with the steps below you can order the wheel replacement service.

We also made a youTube video which walks you through the procedure below.

Required tools


  1. Remove the bolt from the axle on the front wheel. The bolt is removed by first removing the lock nut using the 10 mm wrenches. Then the bolt is pulled out of the axle and set aside. Save the bolt, the lock nut, and washers.
  2. When the bolt is removed, the "blades" (the two flat sides) of the fork will spring open a bit. The ends of the axle that runs through the wheel fit into the holes in the fork blades. Spread the fork blades apart until the ends of the axle clear the fork blades and remove the front wheel. This is where having a friend handy helps. You can do this yourself by using a screwdriver in one hand to spread the fork blades and using your other hand to remove the wheel.
  3. Remove the shim washers and spacer washers from both sides of the axle and set them aside. Slide the axle out of the wheel bearings. You may need to tap the axle lightly with a piece of wood. However, it should not be necessary to pound the axle very hard.
  4. Slide the axle into the bearings of the new wheel.
  5. Place a shim washer on each side of the axle before the spacer washers (right next to the bearings), over the larger diameter portion of the axle. Place a spacer washer on each end of the axle (over the small diameter portion of the axle).
  6. Spreading the fork blades with your hands, re-insert the wheel and guide the ends of the axle into the holes in the fork blades. Again this is where the help of a friend comes in handy. Make sure that the spacer washer remains over the small diameter portion of the axle.
  7. Insert the bolt through a bolt washer, through one fork blade, and then through the axle. Place the other bolt washer and the lock nut on the end of the bolt.
  8. Tighten the bolt for the front wheel. Make sure that the fork blades close up and are in contact with the spacer washers as you tighten the lock nut. Tighten the lock nut to 0.25 Nm (50 in-lb)...fairly tight.
  9. Check that the wheel spins freely.