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406mm Wheels (The compact wheel standard)

image BMX rider Dave Mirra getting some air.

Dave Mirra getting air on a bike with 406mm wheels...the wheels are "bulletproof".

close-up of Swift wheel

The Xootr Swift leverages developments in 406mm tires and rims over the past 2 decades.


The 406mm ("20inch") wheel has come a long way in the last three decades, largely due to the developments in the BMX racing world. These wheels are now incredibly robust and tires are widely available. As a result, they make the perfect standard for compact bicycles such as the Xootr Swift folding bike. If anything, the 406mm Swift wheel is stronger and lighter than the 700C standard sold on most recreational bikes. There are tons of advantages.



Red Herrings

When aren't 406mm wheels the right choice? (Short answer: rarely)