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CrossRack Seatpost Bike Rack System

The Xootr Crossrack Bicycle Rack System is the best way to solve all of your bike cargo needs. Backpacks on bikes are sweaty and uncomfortable, not to mention bad for your back. Panniers are typically too bulky and offer poor aerodynamics for everyday use. Our solution is the Crossrack Folding Bike Rack and the Crossrack Folding Bike Bag which take advantage of the ample space right behind.

Both specially designed for your Xootr Folding Bike, this lightweight rack and collapsible but roomy bag will help you and your cargo get where you’re going with no sweat. They even mount to most other bicycles and can be remounted in minutes.

Puts your bag/cargo behind you where it belongs
Mounts to CrossRack or standard rear rack
Additional mounting stub for the CrossRack