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Seatpost Bike Rack FAQ's

Will the CrossRack bicycle rack work with my bike?

The CrossRack rack system will fit on most bicycles. To fit properly, there should be at least 5 inches (125mm) of vertical height difference between the top of the rear tire and the top of the seat post. (You can verify this by using a tape measure to measure the height off the floor of the top of the seat post and subtracting from that value the height off the floor of the top of the rear tire.) However, even if the CrossRack fits on your bike, not all bicycle bags may fit. You should verify that there is sufficient clearance between the bottom of your bag and the rear tire. Large panniers may not fit on bicycles with relatively little clearance between the seat post and the rear tire. The CrossRack does fit on almost all folding bicycles, because of their smaller wheels. In any case, we offer an unconditional 30-day warranty, so you can try the rack at no risk.

Can I mount the CrossRack on the front of my bike?

The CrossRack rack system attaches to the steering riser on most folding bicycles. It does not typically attach to the front of a conventional bicycle.

What bags fit on the CrossRack?

Most bicycle bags designed to mount to standard bicycle racks fit the CrossRack. We sell a bag that fits particularly well. You can also mount many standard backpacks and shopping bags to the CrossRack using some little straps or ties. There are lots of spots on the rack to anchor your bag.

Can I mount a plastic bucket to the CrossRack?

Sure. Heavy zip-ties are particularly effective at mounting various types of containers to the CrossRack. A rectangular plastic bucket is a nice water-tight container to mount to the CrossRack. A classic "milk crate" can also be mounted to the CrossRack.

Can I mount the CrossRack to a carbon seat post?

We do not have any experience with carbon seat posts, but it would depend on the particular post. The clamp we use is essentially similar to those on other seat post racks (e.g., Delta Post Haste). We can imagine that some super fragile racing post with a weight limit on it would not be a good choice for a seat post mounted rack. However, if the post is designed to be functionally equivalent to a steel or aluminum post, it should work fine with a seat post mounted rack.