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Your Kick Scooter Accessories This Valentine’s Day

Show your Swift or Xootr some love this February with these awesome tech gadgets and kick scooter accessories. There’s a little something on our list for everyone, so get ready, get set and get to spoiling that ride of yours!

Our picks for kick scooter accessories

For music lovers

JBL's Charge 2+ Bluetooth speakerWearing headphones or earbuds when driving or riding any type of vehicle is extremely dangerous and never recommended. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up listening to tunes wherever you go! With the robust bass and portable sound that comes from JBL’s Charge 2+ speaker, you can bring the beat with you wherever you go without risking your well being. Don’t like the look of a speaker attached to your scooter? Rock out with a Jammypack instead!

For your inner child

Chalktrail - chalk art with your kick scooterFor all you who remember Spirographs, check out Chalktrail from Fat Brain Toys. Channel your inner child with these awesome accessories for scooters and bikes. Just one piece of chalk lasts for 1.5 miles and can be used on your own or in a group of riders. They attach with a simple wishbone clamp and work with any kind of thick chalk. Make some impromptu street art, play follow the leader, or just add a splash of color wherever you go.

Just for fun

Spurcycle's condiment themed water bottlesWe love these clever condiment-themed water bottles by Spurcycle. We can’t think of a better way to stay hydrated and stoke your hunger than with bottle designs like the Catch Up, Must go Hard, and Relish Your Ride.

For your inner hippie

Collen Jordan's miniature plantersAs far as eco-conscious kick scooter accessories go, these miniature, portable planters take the cake! They’re created out of nylon using 3D printing technology and come with a nylon cord for easy attachment and removal. The mini planters come in different colors and are perfect for growing succulents and air plants, or for collecting and displaying wildflowers that you find during your travels. They’re made by Colleen Jordan, an industrial designer from Atlanta, GA, and can be purchased from her Etsy store.

For your mother

Add LED lights to your kick scooterAccording to the NHTSA Safety Facts, 743 bicyclists are killed each year. While it’s kind of a no-brainer that you need to use a headlight when riding at night, did you know that cyclist fatalities occur most frequently (66%) at non-intersection locations (66%) between the hours of 5 p.m. and 9 p.m.? While twilight remains the most dangerous time to ride, it’s still hard for other vehicles to see bikes and scooters even in broad daylight. Make your mother happy and safely find your way no matter the time of night or day, with a super compact and ultra-portable LED light. The velcro strap mount makes it easy to put on a bike, scooter, or backpack for those walkable trips.

For the money-conscious

Micro luggage scooter suitcaseWhat’s the point of having an awesome, foldable and portable kick scooter or bike if you can’t take it with you on vacation without seriously denting your funds? Micro luggage made to fit foldable kick scooters and bikes isn’t just convenient for traveling and storage, it can save hundreds of dollars of airline fees. Next time you’re ready to hit the road, check out the selection of micro suitcases and luggage on Amazon. Your wallet will thank you!