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Xootr Scooters – Built for Life

People who choose Xootr scooters do so because they want a scooter that delivers a smooth ride, a clean look, and a high quality riding experience. Without knowing it, they have chosen a scooter that is not only built to last, but grow with its rider. Xootr scooters are made with industrially strong aluminum ensuring their sturdy and durable nature. But because Xootr cares about their customers, they also fix damaged Xootr scooters and return them to their original condition!

Accidents happen, and you shouldn’t be punished for that. Our customers can send their kick scooters back to the Xootr factory who will happily fix any issues that have occurred. You bought a Xootr to last, so make it last. Xootr scooters aren’t built for a ride, they’re built for life.

Check out some photos of a restored Xootr scooter!

Beginning of the repair.


Removed the front wheel, picture of old brake before replacing it.


Reinstalling the brake spring.


New brake pad installed.


New brake pad connected to brake cable.


The bearings in the front wheel also needed to be replaced. Before removal of old bearings.


Old bearings removed.


New bearings installed.


Repair completed.


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