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An Insider’s Guide to the Xootr Scooter Factory! (PHOTOS)

Wonder how Xootr kick scooters are made? Check out the photos below and read how the Xootr parts come together!

The first photo shows Steve inserting steering pins into lower scooter handles (the silver tube with the Xootr sticker) using a drill press with a specialized driver.

The second photo shows Terry putting the frame onto completed front end assemblies. This station is also where Mg decks would be attached if they were making those. They are preparing to make Street model scooters in this series of pictures.

In the third photo, Ted is putting on the fork, front brake, attaching the brake cable to the brake pad, and putting on the front wheel of the scooter.

The fourth and fifth photos show the same station. Terry takes the lower scooter handles done in photo 1 and installs the handle bar, handle clamp, quick release (QR) lever, brake lever, and grips.

The last three photos show the last station in the process. This is where the scooter deck is attached (for non-mg models) stickers are out on and it’s cleaned up. It’s then bagged and boxed.

Steve inserting a steering pin Attaching frames to completed front end assemblies Ted completing the assembly of front end assemblies Installing quick release levers Installing foam handle grips Applying the Xootr sticker Bagging up a freshly built Xootr kick scooter Packing a Xootr into a box