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Xootr Kick Scooters – Great for Injury Recovery?

Kick Scooters for Injury Recovery?

As we all know, being injured is the worst. Injuries can keep you from doing the things you love most like exercising, being social, and getting around. But did you know that sometimes kick scooters can help you get around even when you have an injury?

The Injury

I was training for a flying trapeze show of all things, when an accident left me with a severely sprained ankle. I was practicing this trick, called a back-end hocks off, without safety lines when I was dropped onto the net, first bouncing off my face and then my ankle.

The end result was crutches, an air cast, and not being able to walk properly for over a month. However, I found that my Xootr scooter was amazingly and surprisingly a great way to get around even when normal walking was not possible!

The Kick Scooter Journey

As someone who makes it a priority to exercise every single day, having an ankle injury greatly impacted my daily activities and mood. At first, the only exercise I could handle was swimming in the pool with a pull buoy so I could keep my ankle completely still. Gradually, I could start taking on other low impact activities but walking was still slow and painful. I decided to try hopping on my Xootr and had a great day outside in the San Francisco sunshine!

Sunny day on the Embarcadero in San Francisco

A nice sunny day on the Embarcadero in San Francisco

Map of my trip on my Xootr

My route that day was roundtrip 6 miles on an injured ankle! It felt great.

Since my Xootr MG allowed me to ride with feet side by side, I could stand on my injured leg and push with my good leg comfortably. When cruising, I could also absorb more impact over bumps with my good leg easily by putting more pressure on that one.

Very swollen foot!

The swelling was such that I couldn’t even tie my sneakers!

Popular San Francisco Sights on the Way

I was so happy to be outside and riding on my scooter was the only way I was able to enjoy the nice weather and get some movement into my day. For those who aren’t familiar with San Francisco, there’s a great mostly flat path that winds around the water in the city. It’s a very popular route for walkers, bikers, and scooter riders alike!

The beach near Fisherman’s Wharf and Ghirardelli Square

The beach near Fisherman’s Wharf and Ghirardelli Square, where people practice open water swimming.

The Golden Gate Bridge

The infamous Golden Gate Bridge. Sailors take advantage of sunny windy days in the Bay.

A field of wildflowers at Marina Green

A field of wildflowers at Marina Green

Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

It was a truly lovely day and I’m very glad I got to take advantage of it by riding my kick scooter. When riding with any sort of injury, it’s important to ride within your abilities and to not push yourself too hard as to make the injury worse. In the case of sprained ankles, you want to make sure your ankle is stable enough to handle standing, bending, and weight support. Usage of your ankle within your abilities will actually help it to heal and ensure you regain your full range of motion as your body repairs damage. Your doctor can give you guidelines to follow, but it’s a good idea to never ride in any sort of pain.

A Lamborghini pulling a kick scooter

At the end of the ride, I even saw someone trying to pull a scooter using a Lamborghini! Never try something like this to avoid getting injured in the first place! (No that is not a Xootr)