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Xootr Factory Improves Kick Scooter Production! (PHOTOS)

Here are two pictures of the kick scooters we have built so far for our next 20′ container order heading to the Netherlands. We lost ceiling height with the new facility over the old but gained about 3 times the floor space which is much better. Before we were constantly having to consolidate pallets in the racks to clear room on the floor. The guys that assemble the kick scooters also like the expanded floor space as all of the workstations are lined up in a single row.

Increased kick scooter production efficiency!

They say it has increased kick scooter production efficiency a bit as there is less walking from station to station. The time at each workstation varies, so the extra floor space allows them to pile up more units while work on the next kick scooter station continues. Before once the “log jam” got a little large, the guy working on the faster station would have to work on something else until the gentleman catches up a bit. It is more efficient to stay at one station while you are in that “mode” so to speak.

Pallets of Xootr's heading to the Netherlands