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Xootr as a Kids Kick Scooter

Xootrs are great kids kick scooters. Though our scooters are designed to handle the weight of a full grown adult, they work equally well for kids and teenagers. As a kids kick scooter, Xootr represents a durable, safe option. Where other kids kick scooters might not stand up to the rigors that young riders put their scooters through, Xootr is a proven tough product. Buying a Xootr as a kick scooter for kids means purchasing a product that will last as your child grows. The added durability that a Xootr kick scooter offers an element of safety not present in other products. Where other, cheaper models pose a risk for injury due to a broken kick scooter part, the Xootr’s strength makes it less likely to result in severe injury.

Xootrs are great kids kick scooters.

Two children with their Xootr kick scootersThe superior performance of the Xootr makes it a more appealing option to kids and young adults. Our ultra-low rolling resistance wheels allow for a smoother, faster ride – perfect for kids and teens who are using their kids kick scooters for pleasure more than commuting. The size of our wheels also help the Xootr overcome obstacles and rough pavement more easily than those of traditional kids scooters. This not only reduces the likelihood of a crash, yet another reason the Xootr is a safer option in kids kick scooters, but also greatly improves the quality of experience had while riding the scooter.

Kick scootering is also a great way to enjoy time with your family.

Enrico riding his Xootr scooterThe Xootr is also a great kids kick scooter because it can be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike. Many of our customers use their scooter for their commute to work during the week, and their children take it around the neighborhood on the weekends. In a way this kills two birds with one stone, as a single scooter can serve as a high-quality mode of transport for multiple family members. Many family trips to ice cream parlors, restaurants, and parks have been made aboard our Xootr kick scooters. Just because Xootr is the best adult kick scooter does not mean it is also not the best kids kick scooter.