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Why You Need to Own a Swift Folding Bike

This article is directed at all the urban citizens making the tragic mistake of owning a traditional, non-folding bicycle. There have been many improvements made to bike design since the early 1800s when bicycling as we know it became popular in Europe and the United States, yet the advent of the folding bike may be the most significant improvement in functionality in recent memory. When the benefits of the folding bike are explained and laid out, it becomes clear that, for the average city dweller, a folding bike makes the most sense.

The most significant advantage of the Swift folding bike is that it occupies less space when not in use.

Xootr Swift foldedThis is an especially beneficial in an urban setting, where apartment bike storage is a problem for many. In an apartment or dorm room, why waste valuable space on bike storage? In addition to being one of the lightest folding bikes, the Swift uses a quick-fold design, reducing its size so that it can fit in a closet, suitcase, under a desk or essentially anywhere else things are put so they can be out of the way. Tired of your dirty bicycle resting against (and perhaps damaging) the wall in your apartment? The Swift folding bike can be stowed easily and conveniently. If you are a regular bike rider, the Swift’s quick-fold technology allows you to easily remove your bike from its storage place and have it ready to ride in less than a minute. No longer does needing to have your bike at the ready mean having to leave it in your living room, hallway, mudroom etc. For the less frequent rider, whose bike spends more time stowed away, save space with a Swift folding bike. Storage space, particularly for city dwellers, is a limited resource, so why waste it with a traditional, non-folding bicycle?

Folding bike theft prevention

Xootr Swift overlayed over a tradition hybrid bikeAn extension of the advantages in storing the Swift is its advantage in bike theft prevention. Stolen bikes in urban communities is a widespread issue. A recent study performed in Montreal, a city with a low level of overall crime, exposed some horrifying facts about stolen bikes. Essentially half of all cyclists have their bike stolen at some point, and daily commuters are ninety-percent more likely to have their bike stolen. This is especially significant considering that only less than three-percent of stolen bikes are returned to their owner. The root of this problem is that, when stored outside, even a locked bike presents an easy target for bike thieves. When bike owners take additional precautions for bike theft prevention, such as removing the seat and front wheel of their bikes, they undergo a serious hassle and are still susceptible to bike theft.

Commuting to work?

Customized Swift parked outsideOwners of the Swift folding bike must simply use the quick-fold technology, and suddenly the need to keep your bike outside and within the grasp of thieves disappears. The Swift can easily be folded and stored under a desk or in the corner of an office. Gone are the days of punching out from work only to discover your ride home has been stolen. Considering that there is a fifty-fifty chance a traditional bike will become a stolen bike, and a minute chance it will be recovered, why not invest instead in a Swift?