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Why are Xootrs the Best? Our Kick Scooter Parts!

In a market flooded with low-quality, less expensive scooters, we often get asked the question, “Why should I buy a Xootr?” We recognize that it is not enough to simply respond “Because Xootr is the highest quality kick scooter on the market.” Now, we could point you to several of our endorsements, such as when TIME called us “… the Rolls Royce of scooters,” but we take such great pride in the quality of the design and materials implemented in our product that we wanted to offer a definitive, thorough explanation of what makes Xootr the best of the best. With that goal in mind, this article will highlight each component of the Xootr kick scooter, pointing out what exactly makes our kick scooters the best on the market.

Our parts

Each part used to make a Xootr kick scooter was developed with careful thought, extensive testing and a genuine passion for what we do.

Our Scooter Wheels

Our wheels make for a fast rideWith that said, let’s start from the ground up with what is arguably the most important kick scooter part: the wheels. A kick scooter is only as good as the quality of ride it offers, and we feel that our scooter wheels are unparalleled in both performance and strength. To optimize performance, our wheels consist of polyurethane tires molded around a light-weight, yet incredibly strong, aluminum center. Our team of dedicated engineers spent countless hours developing the perfect blend of polyurethane to maximize both speed and durability. Our wheels offer the lowest rolling resistance of any small-wheeled vehicle, making this kick scooter part the best of its kind. In addition to the low rolling resistance, the larger size of our wheels (180mm) allow them to handle bumps and obstacles like the champions of design that they are.

Our Scooter Decks

Different wheel speeds measured against a Xootr wheelAfter the wheels, the next kick scooter part that we feel puts Xootr head and shoulders above the competition is the deck. Our decks vary in shape, size, and material because we feel each customer has different needs and tastes in aesthetics. Despite the variety we offer, each of our decks is a product of the same dedication to quality. From our birch wood Ultra Cruz model, to our CNC machined solid aluminum Xootr Street, all Xootr decks are built to handle anything your life might throw their way. We also collaborate with the world-renowned design firm Lunar Design, producing a modern, stylish and practical deck. This especially important to us, as we see the deck as the kick scooter part that contributes the most to the Xootr’s overall aesthetic.

The Rest

Red Mg deckOur Chassis, the foundation upon which the deck rests, is vital to the structural integrity of the kick scooter. Of all the kick scooter parts, in our eyes, the chassis has to be designed and built to take a beating. For this reason, our decks rest on CNC machined solid aluminum rails, allowing the Xootr to handle anything it may travel over. Another kick scooter part that we at Xootr have optimized is the brakes. For performance and safety reasons, we felt immediately that the brakes were going to be a fundamental element of what makes a Xootr the ultimate scooting machine. The standard break on our scooters is a BMX style lever which triggers a brake pad on the front wheel, allowing the Xootr to stop safely.

In addition to the stock features of a Xootr, we offer several kick scooter accessories. This allows our consumers to achieve a more tailor-made experience. Our most popular kick scooter accessory is our fender kit. Easily installed, this kick scooter accessory consists of an anti-slip nylon shield for your rear wheel. Not only does this fender stop mud and debris from flying up and dirtying your legs, but it also features an aluminum brake under the shield. All one must do to engage this brake feature is to press down on the fender with their foot while riding. With the Fender Kit equipped, a Xootr has both front and rear brakes, giving the rider a superior level of control.

Tommy Chong ScooteringBy assessing the quality of our scooters here at Xootr via our kick scooter parts, it becomes clear that our detail oriented approach to design fosters an overall superior product. Where other companies cut corners and do not offer the very best kick scooter parts in every element of their design, we take painstaking efforts to perfect our scooters. Our success is largely due to the fact that we have fifteen years of experience and customer feedback to work with. Our constant pursuit of the best kick scooter possible is fueled by a passionate and dedicated group of designers and customers.