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Why A Scooter Is Perfect For College Students

Scootering in collegeCollege students find themselves in an exciting part of their lives. For the first time, they are independent of their parents, choosing a specialized field of study and connecting with students from backgrounds vastly different than their own. With that being said, life as an undergraduate comes with several challenges. Not the least of these new obstacles is the task of maximizing two key commodities – time and money.

Adult kick scooters on campus

Between an intensifying workload, mounting list of resume-building extracurricular activities and growing social interests, a college student’s time becomes his/her most valuable asset. A kick scooter is a perfect way to cut down various commutes between classes and activities, thus freeing up more time to the student. A folding scooter can offer a smooth ride that is much faster than walking. According to U.S. News World Report, Pennsylvania State University’s campus extends a sprawling 8,556 acres. At this institution, a student may take the bus across campus, but still have a lengthy walk from the drop-off point to class. The kick scooter allows a student to enjoy the benefits of public transportation, as it can easily be carried on board a shuttle or train, while allowing them to cover any remaining distance on their journey in a speedy manner. With a heavy load of books or groceries, walking can be slow and arduous, while a scooter saves time and effort.

In addition to serving as a way to save time, an investment in a kick scooter can also save a student’s cash. Cars are an expensive luxury, between the costs of parking, gas and insurance, and they are limited in many ways a kick scooter is not. A scooter has the ability to cover walkways that connect buildings in ways roads do not, and instead of searching for parking, they can ride right up to the building’s door, be folded and carried inside. Public transportation is another frivolous cost to the college student, as it presents similar shortcomings in helping a student travel, when compared with the option of riding a scooter. On many campuses, public transportation is limited, and even when present does not provide the same door-to-door travel of a kick scooter. The cost of riding the subway, train or bus is not negligible, however, it can be avoided.

Adult kick scooters save students money

The urban campus is the perfect example of how the scooter can save an undergraduate’s time and money. A student on a budget, living in a small apartment with a commute of any distance from class, has his/her greatest needs met with a kick scooter. With its ability to fold and smaller size, the scooter fits more easily in a dorm room or apartment than say, a bicycle. It can serve as a substitution or supplement for public transportation. Perhaps most importantly, it can transform a commute of a few blocks or a few miles from an exhausting ordeal to a short, pleasant journey. With many options for material, design, and durability, there is a scooter for every student’s financial capacity, allowing for a lifestyle upgrade of substantial value.