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What is a Kick Scooter?

What is a kick scooter?So, what is a kick scooter, anyway? Is it a child’s toy? A hip mode of urban transportation? What sets one apart from another?

Kick scooter?

First, and most obviously, a kick scooter is a mode of transportation that involves standing on a skateboard-like deck, gripping the handlebars and swinging your leg in a kicking motion in order to propel yourself forward. Many people, when asked to imagine such a vehicle, conjure up images of children’s toys. While many adults grew up riding scooters in the park, back and forth from school and around the neighborhood, few realize that there are scooter models designed for adults commuting to work.

The kick scooter is the perfect mode of transport for adults commuting to work, especially in urban settings. Before purchasing a kick scooter for this means, it is important to understand all the aspects and variations of the kick scooter design and construction. This will leave you best equipped to buy yourself the best kick scooter for your individual needs.

The first element to consider is the kick scooter wheel style and design.

A scooter with larger wheels will handle rough terrain, such as uneven pavement or dirt paths, with greater ease, so be sure to compare options available on the market. Next, in terms of material, aluminum wheel rims will provide a strong, lightweight base upon which to ride. With regards to the tires, beware of any that resemble those you might find on rollerblades. The best option for tire material is polyurethane, as it will offer little resistance to the surface over which you are traveling, which means a more efficient ride at higher speeds.

DecksWith the deck, there are two main materials that will both yield solid results. For those who plan to test their scooter’s ability to take a beating, CNC machined aluminum is a durable, yet not too heavy, material for the deck. Kick scooters made of CNC machined aluminum may be more expensive, but they offer unparalleled durability. The second option for deck material is magnesium, which offers an ultra-lightweight advantage. This will make your kick scooter lighter beneath your feet, but also in your hands when folded up and carried. While the material the deck is made of is important, it is also worth noting that kick scooters come in many shapes and sizes, so finding an aesthetically pleasing look will require more research.

Finally, the brakes are a very important aspect of what goes into a quality kick scooter.

Some scooters offer a design where there is a break attached to the rear wheel, which can be engaged by stepping on a fender-like attachment. This is not an ideal design, as it often requires jeopardizing balance in order to use the breaks. The best model for kick scooter brakes is the BMX-style hand brake. This break allows the rider to keep their feet free for kicking and balance, while also giving you more control over speed. I hope that this article on “what is a kick scooter?” was helpful. Always remember to be cautious of pedestrians and automobiles when riding.