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Reasons to Use a Commuter Scooter!

Everyone should be using a commuter scooter! Find out why below.

Reasons to use a commuter scooter!

You’ll get more sleep!

Scooters are fast! When you hop on board a kick scooter, properly equipped with helmet and elbow pads, of course, you gain the ability to travel at high speeds. This means you can hit that snooze button a few more times, before heading out the door and cruising past your peers on the way to work or class.

People will look at you differently.

Some people are into cars, others bikes, but it takes a certain kind of person to commute via scooter. Riding a scooter is like saying “Hey world, I’m open to new things, and I like to ride in style”, not to mention how good your hair looks as the wind rushes past you.

You will make more friends.

Nonbelievers do not understand, but scooter people are the best people. Once you start taking your scooter to school or work, you will meet other like-minded individuals. Obviously you have a lot in common, as you know the one true source of wheeled travel, so you will naturally connect on a deeply emotional level. Who knows, perhaps you might be lucky enough to join an underground scooter gang and live a life of lawlessness?

You will be more romantic.

Commute by scooterForget long walks on the beach, concerts in the park or the drive-in movie theater, nothing screams romance more than a doubles scooter ride. Just make sure you bring an extra helmet when you hit the town at night, and you will have your choice of companionship for the ride home.

You’ll save a ton of money on shoes.

Taking the scooter over walking will alleviate the intense stress walking places on the soles of your shoes. Gone are the days of changing your shoes when you get to the office, although it is not a good idea to kick yourself to work in stilettos.

You will avoid many uncomfortable situations.

Nothing is worse than sitting far too close to that stranger who has not showered in slightly too long on an overcrowded mode of public transportation. Your scooter will provide safe solitude on board as you ride to work.

You will have a nicer looking home.

Even when you are not riding your scooter, it can be a very useful element of your décor. Folded neatly in a corner, it subtly lets guests know that you have great taste in transport, without the obnoxious, overstated look of a bicycle in your hallway.

You will be a hero parent.

Even if you purchase a scooter for your daily commute, you can still let the kids ride in the park on Sunday. Scooters are a brilliant creation and can be enjoyed by humans of all ages.

You can still ride the bus.

Gone are the days of loading your bicycle onto the bus’s bike rack. Simply fold your scooter and carry it onboard with you. When you depart the bus, you’ll be able to kick your way the remaining distance.