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Xootr Blog

The Xootr Kick Scooter Lineup

We at Xootr work every day to bring our customers the highest level of quality found in a kick scooter. Each of our kick scooters represents our commitment to durability, sleek design, and uncompromising performance. Though these elements can be found in all of our models, there are still unique qualities in every style of kick scooter we produce. This article serves as a guide to what we offer, in the hopes of helping prospective customers figure out which model is best for them.

Xootr Ultra Cruz

The Xootr Ultra Cruz modelThe original Xootr, this model pays homage to the vintage kick scooters. The birch wood deck has a very skateboard esque look, resembling the longboard model skateboard. One advantage of the wooden deck is that it provides a degree of flexibility for the rider’s enjoyment. Don’t let that serve as a statement against this deck’s strength, as it still boasts a rider weight limit of 300 lbs, but instead, it gives the Ultra Cruz a unique feel when riding. At $219, the Ultra Cruz is also our most affordable model.

Xootr Mg and Neon Mg

The Xootr Mg modelThis is our best selling and most advanced Xootr. We believe it to be the best kick scooter ever designed. The deck is made from solid magnesium, creating an incredibly light, yet exceptionally durable, adult kick scooter that will not disappoint. The Mg also rides lowest to the ground of any Xootr ever produced, giving it unparalleled balance and speed. The regular Xootr Mg comes in black, blue and red, while the Neon Mg offers a vibrant shade of green and orange. The neon colors make the Neon Mg a popular model kids kick scooter and ride for young adults. The wide deck of these models also allows for a rider to stand with two feet side by side, a feature not common in adult kick scooters.

Xootr Roma

The Xootr Roma modelThis narrow scooter offers several advantages. Its sleek design makes it easy to store, as it takes up very little space when folded. Additionally, it creates a more centered driving force when pushing the scooter, thus maximizing bio-mechanical efficiency. The longer deck also allows space for two feet on the deck. Built from CNC machined 6061 aluminum, the Roma is our lightest model and is literally bulletproof, equipping the kick scooter to handle anything that the streets might throw its way.

Xootr Venus

The Xootr Venus modelThis model stands out from the crowd with its functional, “hourglass” shape design. At the center of the deck, the Venus is only four inches wide, creating almost the same bio-mechanical benefits of the Roma. The widened deck at both ends of the scooter still allows for plenty of foot room. The Xootr Venus is also designed from CNC machined 6061 aluminum, making it almost as light as the Roma and equally bulletproof.

Xootr Street

The Xootr Street modelWhen Time Magazine reviewed the Street, it proclaimed the design to be “The Rolls Royce of Scooters”. The CNC machined 6061 aluminum, anti-slip die-cut grip tape and wide deck make it an outstandingly smooth, fast ride. The strongest model Xootr, the Street is the “tank” of our lineup, and is built to last.