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The Swift – A Great Hybrid Bike that Happens to Fold

The Xootr Swift folding bike folds using our quick fold technology, it uses a smaller wheel, and it looks a little different. With these differences present, we often get asked if the Swift feels strange to ride. We believe that any new bike is going to have an adjustment period, but ultimately the Swift’s ride is very similar to a hybrid bike you might buy that does not fold.

The Xootr Swift folding bike is clearly not your average bicycle.

The Xootr Swift in the UKIn terms of speed, the Swift’s unique design costs it very little. At 15 mph (25 kph) on a level road, the Swift requires about 3 percent more power than a high-performance mountain bike. This stems almost entirely from the Swift’s smaller tires. Though a competitive racing cyclist would perhaps notice this difference, it is an irrelevant factor for commuter/amateur cyclists. In fact, the Swift folding bike is faster than your average mountain bike or hybrid bike.

All things considered, the swift rides like a typical hybrid bike.

It is more stable than a typical racing bike, yet more responsive than your typical mountain bike. We counteract the negative impact of the smaller wheels with a larger front chainring. Like most hybrid bikes, the Swift is not optimal for gnarly single-track mountain biking, nor high-intensity road racing, yet we believe that for almost every rider, the Swift is a great hybrid bike. Unless you are going to encounter large boulders and logs, or race from the peloton for a yellow jersey, the Swift folding bike is a fine hybrid bike in terms of performance.

Karl with a Xootr SwiftThe advantage of the Swift is that there is no sacrifice in the folding bike’s riding experience. The Xootr Swift is a great hybrid bike, that happens to fold. It can certainly be your “only bike” if you are in the market for a hybrid bike for your commute. Enjoy the advantages of the folding capacity, such as more compact storage and the easier carrying, without sacrificing performance or riding experience.