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The Backlash Of Hoverboards

New reports have revealed that hoverboards may not be the best gift for the holiday season. Apparently, hoverboard fires have sprung up in a number of homes across the country due to malfunctioning batteries and plugs. Because of this, the products are being investigated by a Federal Agency and Amazon has removed 97% of its online products. The manufacturing brands of the hoverboards in question include IO Hawk, PhunkeeDuck, Swagway and others.

The Roller Coaster of Hoverboards

Marty McFly's futuristic hoverboardHoverboard models have been on the rise in popularity this year, especially with the Back to the Future II anniversary featuring Marty McFly riding a futuristic hoverboard in the year 2015. The Marty Mcfly hoverboard, unfortunately, has not been fully realized. Though these hoverboards do not actually “hover”, they have been seen gliding all over the country. Unfortunately, these fires have poked a hole in the hoverboard excitement bubble, and it is only getting worse.

City officials around the world are not too keen on the hoverboard craze. British authorities have banned hoverboards from being ridden in public. New York City was next to ban them, as they are not considered motor vehicles and can’t be registered. Even many major airlines including Delta, United, and American have banned the boards from flights because of the safety concerns related to the lithium-ion battery hoverboard technology. What started out as a fun new tech gadget has become an increasingly hazardous and problematic piece of equipment. They are still available for the die-hard fans but buy a hoverboard at your own risk.

Modern day hoverboard

What do we think of Hoverboards?

As true urban commuters, we at Xootr never really saw the appeal of hoverboards. You can’t beat the health aspects of traditional transportation, like bikes and kick scooters. Sure they are fun to ride, but hoverboards restrict you from performing even menial physical activity. In this day and age of being “plugged in” all day every day we forget the importance of mobility – bike riding, kick scooter tour, jogging, walk around the neighborhood – and the impact it can have on our health. Hoverboards can be entertaining, but using them to commute is unnecessary. So keep the toys at home and commute the right way!