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The Back to School Accessories You Need!

There is nothing worse than heading back to school after a delightful summer of sun, fun, and being lazy. Getting up to catch the bus is depressing, and trudging from class to class is downright heartbreaking. Whether you’re in high school, college, or grad school the thought of commuting from one place to another is enough to quit education all together. There’s got to be an easier way to travel that’s fun and time conscious.

Luckily, Xootr has come to the rescue. With a Xootr kick scooter or Xootr Swift folding bike, riders can commute in a green, practical, and enjoyable way every day. What makes them the perfect back to school accessories? We have a few points you should know about.

Xootr Mg and Xootr Swift collage


The world in the palm of your handCars and motorcycles constantly spew chemicals into the environment, so it’s important to find ways of commuting that don’t contribute to air pollution. Xootr kick scooters and Xootr Swifts offer an excellent ride while protecting people and the environment from harmful toxins. Back to school is already miserable enough, let’s not kill the planet while we’re at it.


Biking for exerciseCommuting by transit offers very little exercise that today’s generation could really use. Kick Scooters and bikes put a rider in constant motion with ease. A commute doesn’t need to be a strenuous workout. But the added small exertion of energy every day can benefit anyone. Going back to school, you might as well also look good!


Folding a Xootr SwiftOne of the best features of Xootr kick scooters and Xootr Swift bikes is their ability to fold into a smaller contraption. Imagine not having to chain your bike outside, where thieves could strike, and instead folding your bike and storing it in your locker. How much easier is that? Bring it in with you during class, then unfold and ride to your next class after. Takes some of the back to school stress away huh?


Big, strong armXootr kick scooters and Xootr Swifts were made with adults in mind. They are extremely durable and can support up over 800lbs. These bikes and scooters were made to last, with the creators devoted to ensuring that the user has the ride of their life. Cheaper kick scooters and bikes tend to fall apart after a few rides. Your transportation should be reliable, no matter how many times you ride it.

Going back to school is not fun. But now you can commute to school in a much more fun way. The Xootr kick scooter and Xootr Swift are the perfect back to school accessories, giving any student the ability to walk into class healthier and happier.

Various colored Xootr Mg

Now choosing which Xootr ride is for you? That’s a tough one…..