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Spring Has Sprung! Tune Up Tips for Your Kick Scooter

Spring Tune Up Tips for Your Kick Scooter

Now that nicer weather is here, we can look forward to more pleasant scooter commutes! But before you hop on, it pays to make sure your ride is in tip top shape after the long cold winter. Here are a few things to consider to make your ride as smooth as possible, and to ensure the top lifetime performance of your kick scooter:

Check Your Grips

Grips can wear down over time and decrease the comfort of your ride. Luckily, replacement grips are very affordable and there are options to tape if that is preferred. Ladder grip tape is available cheaply at any hardware store. As for replacement grips, Xootr offers foam for $3.95, silicone in fun colors for $15, and cork for $15.

Colored handlebar grips

Ensure Your Handlebar is Straight

Years of use can cause warping of your T-handlebar. Check to make sure your handlebar is still straight and undented. Unfortunately, this is not something you can tune up. Fortunately, a replacement is both affordable and easy to install. Xootr offers replacement T-bars including a new set of grips for $17.95 and an instructional replacement video. If you would rather have the handlebar serviced, Xootr also offers full replacement service.

Handle bar on a kick scooter

Wheel Condition

Wheels are the contact point between you and the road so these are very important! You want to make sure they are in good shape – round shape with no obvious aberrations-and that the roll is smooth with no dragging or catching.

Xootr wheels should NOT be lubricated. The bearings are self-lubricating, meaning they come pre-greased. Many customers believe that adding more lubrication will increase the speed of the scooter, but it only attracts dirt/grit which makes its way into the bearing. Your bearings will outlive the life of the wheel. The only maintenance would be to clean the outside if there is a build up of hair, string, dirt, etc. If you need to replace your wheels, Xootr offers replacement service as well as resources to replace on your own.

Kick scooter wheels

Test the Brakes

Brakes are all-important because they keep you from rolling into traffic. Hand brakes should deploy easily and provide immediate stopping power without squeaking. Fender brakes should be checked to make sure they have not worn down too thin.

Xootr offers brake replacement service as well as parts (www.xootr.com/front-brake-kit.html, www.xootr.com/kick-scooter-fender-kit.html).

Xootr front brake kit

Consider Upgrades

Sometimes your trusty scooter is ready to be retired after years of trusty service. Sometimes, you can refresh your kick scooter to like-new condition with minimal effort required! Xootr customers who would like to convert their old pin model to our new QuickClick latch can opt to upgrade for only $119.

Xootr QuickClick conversion