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Xootr Blog

So You Got a Xootr for Xmas, Now What?

A Xootr kick scooter under a Christmas treeIt may be January, but if you got a new Xootr (pronounced zoo-ter) kick scooter for Xmas and are itching to get out and get moving, we’re right there with ya! You don’t have to wait for the spring thaw to get to know your new toy, you can start playing around and practicing right away.

Getting to Know Your New Xootr

As tempting as it may be to just grab it and go, it’s in your best interest to familiarize yourself with the various parts and accessories of your new Xootr. You’ve got:

  • Telescoping steering handle – This bad boy can accommodate adults up to 6’7” tall.
  • Deck – Our decks are designed for an adult’s weight and feet. They support over 800 pounds and can comfortably fit adult sized feet – both of them at the same time.
  • Wheels – Glide twice as fast with a fraction of the effort thanks to our custom made, high-performance wheels. They’re made of a special blend of polyurethane and molded onto aluminum, resulting in the lowest rolling resistance of any small-wheeled vehicle!
  • Grips – foam or ergonomic
  • Fender & brake – The fender is for keeping crud off your clothes, not for turning your Xootr into an all-weather vehicle. It also offers an additional brake for superior stopping performance.
  • Strap – Sold separately, the heavy-duty durable strap is for folding & carrying your Xootr when you reach your destination.

Now that you know what the main parts of the kick scooter are, here’s a step by step of how to fold your Xootr.

Caring for Your Xootr Kick Scooter: The Basics

Blue Xootr Mg kick scooterXootr kick scooters are engineered to last for years and years, but to get the most out of your kick scooter you’ll need to take care of it too! Never use it for stunt riding, don’t race, don’t skid out on it – treat your Xootr with respect and you’ll enjoy it for years to come.

Get in the habit of checking out your Xootr before you take it for a ride. Look for loose, broken, or missing parts, and make sure the brakes are in good working order.

To clean your kick scooter simply use a soft, damp cloth. Never use harsh solvents, cleaning solutions, or abrasive materials as they can cause damage. Your Xootr may look pretty diesel, but it isn’t an all-weather vehicle. Avoid riding in inclement weather, especially in wet and icy conditions.

If you do get stuck out in the rain, wipe down your Xootr or dry off the metal bits with an air compressor after getting to your destination. Even though the bearings and other metal parts are treated to prevent oxidation, prolonged exposure to water and things like road salt will cause them to wear prematurely and you’ll have to replace them.

Braking your Xootr can be done a few different ways:

  • Squeeze the brake lever on the handlebar to actuate the front brake and shift your weight towards the back just a bit. We have carefully tuned the brake so that it is hard to lock up the front wheel so you don’t have to worry about being thrown forward.
  • Press down on the rear fender brake. This brake is best for scrubbing off a bit of speed when entering a corner.
  • To stop really quick, squeeze the brake lever on the handlebar and press down on the rear fender brake.

Standing alongside a Xootr Street model scooterIf it’s too cold to get outside and start xooting around, we suggest practicing your braking inside on a hard surface or even carpet. We’re confident that after a few minutes you’ll get the hang of it.

As with any wheeled vehicle, safety is paramount. We urge you to wear the right kinds of protective gear whenever you take out your kick scooter. At the very least make sure you have a Snell or ASTM (formerly the American National Standards Institute or ANSI) approved helmet. Remember Xootrs are designed and engineered to be the best-of-the-best, the cream of the crop, the Rolls Royce of push scooters. One thing this means is that Xootrs go way faster than the average scooter so exercise caution and always wear a helmet! First time buying a helmet? No worries! Check out the Snell Helmet Guide.

Now that you know the basics it’s time to get out there, get practicing, and have some fun! If you’re thirsty for more knowledge check out the complete Xootr owner’s manual online for details, product specs, and everything else you’ll ever want to know.