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Scootercise – Exercising With Kick Scooters?

A new wave of interest in kick scooters has arisen thanks to the new workout method being dubbed “Scootercise”. Personal trainer Mari-Anne Elder created an exercise program called Scootercise after partnering with the kick scooter brand Micro Scooters. She began classes in Sussex and is looking to expand them nationally. She promotes that riding a kick scooter helps with posture, fat burn, and your core muscles.

Can the Scootercise wave make an impact in the US?

We know that kick scooters offer an easy way to exercise, as shown by our burning calories blog post. But can the idea of riding a kick scooter for exercise purposes catch on with the general public?

Here are some reasons why Scootercise could catch on in a big way!

Scootercise For Time

Time...a most precious resourceEveryone is busy. Everyone has places to go. Finding the time to workout can be a real pain. But what if the act of commuting could become your workout? Riding a kick scooter not only gets you where you need to be but provides a workout that benefits you on multiple levels. Adults can combine their commute with their daily exercise, ensuring that they’re staying active every day.

Scootercise For Less Money

Scootercise is good for you piggy bankHow much does your monthly gym membership cost? How much does all of that workout equipment cost in your home? Staying fit can be extremely expensive. But what if your mode of transportation could replace all of these expenses and with only one (cheaper) purchase? Buying one kick scooter gives you the opportunity to consistently exercise for less money.

Scootercise Because Anyone Can Do It

Singapore tour groupThanks to the creation of more and more adult kick scooters, people of all ages can enjoy scootering for fun. More than that, people of all shapes and sizes can use kick scooters as well. Many of our kick scooters, such as our Xootr Ultra Cruz kick scooter, can hold over 800 lbs! Anyone who wants to exercise while having some fun can use kick scooters. So if it’s with a group of friends, on a date or just a solo ride, kick scooters are perfect option.

Scootercise For Family Fun

A group riding Xootr kick scootersLooking for a healthy activity for the whole family? Kick scooters give you and your family the opportunity to spend time with each other while enjoying some exercise along the way. A family kick scooter ride around the neighborhood offers fun and a light workout. These days, it’s hard to detach from online gadgets and spend quality time with the people you love. Kick scooters give you a reason to unplug.

It’s no lie that kick scooters have a stronger presence outside of the US. However, Scootercise has the opportunity to not only raise awareness about kick scooters, but also raise awareness of the benefits of exercise. It’s hard to find a fun way to burn calories. Scootercise could be the answer to everyone’s prayers. It’s exciting to think that we could be on the bring of a kick scooter renaissance, with Scootercise leading the way.