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Xootr Blog

The Rise of the Folding Bike

Welcome to Philadelphia, a steadily growing city filled with creative, aspiring young people trying to make something of themselves. Construction marks the city’s perimeters, a harbinger of exciting new business and residential opportunities to come. With the expansion of the city and its young and motivated population comes a need for easy and reliable transportation. In cities dominated
by diligent ticketing companies and mediocre access to quick public transportation, there has been an uprising in bikers on the streets and movements to keep them safe during their commute.

If there was ever a time to join the bike movement, it is now!

Xootr Swift parked in an apartment

New technology has brought about the folding bike, changing the lives of commuters relying on slow buses and cramped subway systems. The Xootr folding bike is the fastest folding bike available (unfolds in 10 seconds!), making it easy for any commuter to fold it up and catch the local subway train. For those who are not into the original folding contraption seen around the city, Xootr offers a folding city bike which conveniently unfolds into a normal-sized street bike. This lightweight folding bike is perfect for the hip, young professional trying to reduce the cost of transportation and travel with ease!

In addition to the convenience of a folding bike on city subways and buses (allowed at all times in most cases), the folding bike also offers an added benefit – safety. These bikes become an easy to carry, compact item that you can bring right into your office without having to bother with locking it outside. Young professionals are starting to migrate from the typical street bike towards the non-traditional folding bike to keep themselves and their investment safe.