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Optimizing Your Swift – Our Favorite Folding Bike Parts

Though we only sell the Xootr Swift in one configuration, a setup that the majority of riders really enjoy, we also recognize that many of our customers enjoy modifying and improving their bike. For this reason, we have made a conscious effort to ensure our folding bike parts conform to industry standards. This allows our customers to add their own seat, pedals, tires, headsets or pretty much any folding bike accessory the heart may desire, creating the optimized build for each individual.

We have made a conscious effort to ensure our folding bike parts conform to industry standards.

CrossRack with bag mounted on a SwiftOne of the best folding bike parts to easily make your Swift great for travel, commuting or any ride which may require carrying cargo is our CrossRack bike rack. Mounted to the back of the seat post, this folding bike rack allows commuters to carry cargo to their destination, making your Swift the best commuter bike available. We also offer the CrossRack cargo bag to increase the ease of carrying materials. These folding bike parts, to those who need them, can take your Swift to the next level of utility.

Planet Bike fenders mounted on a SwiftMany of our customers also buy the Planet Bike Fenders, a folding bike part that will keep water and debris from spraying off your wheels and dirtying you. This is especially important for our many customers who use their Xootr Swift bikes as a commuter bike because they often find themselves mounting the Swift in their work clothes. Planet Bike made modifications in mounting location and stays in order to fit the Xootr Swift. Made from their Superflex unbreakable all-weather polycarbonate, these Planet Bike fenders are great for the more determined commuter bike rider.

Schwalbe's Marathon TireAnother popular upgrade we offer to the Xootr Swift is the addition of the Schwalbe Marathon Tire, a folding bike accessory for the more intense rider. Though we think our standard wheels are great, these Schwalbe Marathon Tires are an upgrade many of our riders choose to equip. As a folding bike accessory, these tires are tough enough for long touring rides, yet not too heavy. Their completely new sidewall construction will stand up tough on cracks, while their revolutionary Endurance Compound dramatically increases durability.

For most of our customers, the standard issue Xootr Swift is all they could ask for. However, for those of you who like to tinker with the structure of your bicycles, these folding bike accessories and folding bike parts will help you take your Xootr Swift to the next level.