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New Years Eve Resolutions For Kick Scooters!

As we say goodbye to 2015 and hello to 2016, it’s always smart to make some resolutions for the New Year. Since we love efficiency, we like to make New Years Eve resolutions, so you can get started right away! So what should all scooter lovers be thinking about next year? Kick scooters are a lot of fun to ride, but many riders forget about upkeep and general care of their transportation. A new year means a new outlook, and that includes a new outlook on your tech. Resolutions are a great way to make kick scootering more fun!

New Years Eve Resolutions for Kick Scooter Enthusiasts

1. Fix what needs fixing

Fix up your kick scooterOur first of 4 New Years Eve resolutions to keep is to update or fix any parts your current kick scooter that need it. Lots of kick scooters are very durable, but that doesn’t mean they’re indestructible. Even small cracks left unattended can turn into a major problem. Most people don’t even think of fixing up a kick scooter like they do a bike. Trust us: kick scooters, just bikes, can use maintenance checkups and updates. Don’t let your kick scooter become dangerous. Make sure that all the parts are working properly and will last longer than a month.

2. Add some accessories to customize your ride

Add accessories to your kick scooterKick scooters are pretty rad, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t customize your own with accessories. Lights, bags, reflectors, bells and more can help take your kick scooter from ordinary to super handy! Depending on the use of your kick scooter, different accessories can make the commute way more enjoyable. It’s your kick scooter so make it stand out! Why look like everyone else? Have you ever thought about adding some color to your deck, giving it a little extra flash? 2016 will definitely be the year eye-catching kick scooters.

3. Try using it for a different reason

Use your kick scooter for a new purposeKick scooters are usually used for either fun or commuting. Unfortunately, there are riders who haven’t found the joy in both. Make a New Years Eve Resolution for 2016 to switch it up. If you predominately use your kick scooter for commuting purposes, try taking it for a ride around the park. Take a quick lap through the neighborhood with a friend. In the same way, if you use your scooter mainly for fun, try using it for your morning commute. Experience the benefits of kick scooter commuting and see why it’s so much better than public transportation!

4. Show your friends!

Encourage your friends to get a kick scooterHave you ever heard the saying, “1 kick scooter is the loneliest number”? Well, you shouldn’t have since we just made it up. However, it’s true! Riding alone is fine, but riding with friends is so much better. For 2016, show your friends how much you love kick scooters and encourage them to check one out for themselves. Get involved in kick scooter meetups in different cities. Start a neighborhood kick scooter group. Head to the skate park and show off some kick scooter tricks. Grab a buddy and have some fun!

Those are just a few ideas for New Year Eve resolutions. The point of new years resolutions is to make a promise to better something in the new year, so why not make it your kick scooter? We have a great feeling about 2016 and are excited to see what’s next for kick scooters.

Have a great New Year and share your resolutions!