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Why Kick Scooters are Perfect for the Entire Family

Each of us has our own unique relationship with our family – for better or for worse. With these special relationships come various practices and means of interaction through which families grow together and enjoy each other’s company. With that said, despite the fact that each family is unique, there are commonalities amongst the ways in which families spend time together. Popular methods of family interaction include: sporting events, regular family meals, vacations etc.

Have you tried kick scooters?

2 young children with their Xootr scootersA method of family interaction that is not necessarily the first that comes to mind is kick scooter riding. Perhaps it is because kick scooting has been, typically, seen as an activity only for children, but these perceptions are shifting. As the availability and range of options for high-quality kick scooters for adults grow, kick scooting becomes an increasingly popular means of transportation for parents. So now that Mom and Dad can hop on a kick scooter and ride with their children, here is a list of reasons why kick scooters should be a part of the foundation of the modern family’s weekend activities:

They’re Safe

Always remember safety first. A kick scooter, in contrast to a bicycle, travels relatively slow and low to the ground. This means that any mishaps that may happen when children are aboard a kick scooter pose less of a threat to their wellbeing.

They’re Easy

For families with very young children – too young to ride a bike on their own – a scooter is the perfect form of alternative transportation to enjoy together. Rather than equipping your bike with a separate seat for your young child, a child’s kick scooter can be purchased for a similar price. This will save you from carrying the dead weight of your child, while also fostering independence.

They’re Fun

At the end of the day, quality family time can be measured by the size of the smiles on the faces of those involved. A smooth road or parking lot and a kick scooter is all you need to ensure a good time is had by all.

They’re Practical

Need to make a trip to the post office? Turn routine chores and errands into an opportunity to spend some time with your children. Even a short trip down the street or around the block becomes a fun-filled adventure with family kick scooters. Why sacrifice quality time with the ones you love in the name of tedious errands?

Mom and Dad Will Love Them Too

Enrico moving quickly on his Xootr scooterWho says adults should have a kick scooter merely to spend time with their family? Across the country, people are kick scootering their way to work, school and just about anywhere the pavement takes them. Upgrade your daily commute and use your scooter to get to work. They’re collapsible features allow you to bring it on the subway, bus or train and then simply fold your scooter and store it under your desk.