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Kick Scooters for Easter!

Springtime is Perfect for Scooting

Dust off that scooter now that it's springtime

The weather is finally starting to warm up! Easter is here and now is the perfect time to have some spring fun with the whole family. Here are a few fun ideas-

Easter Egg Hunting

Gotta find them all! Depending on where your local Easter egg hunt is being held, a kick scooter could help you zip around and find everything faster.

For extra decorative flair, attach a basket to your handlebars and you’ve also got a handy basket holder! If you get really creative, you can form teams and have the kick scootin’ person zoom around to pick up eggs from everyone else scavenging individually.

Putting picnic items into a backpack and scooting to your Easter gathering can be a fun way to enjoy the nicer weather. Leave the car home this Easter Sunday – you’ll be glad you don’t have to deal with traffic and parking issues!

April Fools!

Do kick scooters have a funny bone? Turn your trusty commuting scooter into a costumed vehicle for some laughs! Costume either the push scooter…or yourself! You can never go wrong with candy in the springtime.An M&M costume is great for Easter

April Fools is on a Sunday this year, but showing up to work in costume could be one of the best (belated) April Fools jokes that you could play – if your boss has a sense of humor.

Spring Tune Up

If you’ve been giving your kick scooter a break over the winter, remember to do a quick check to make sure everything is functioning properly before taking it out for a spin!

We have a full checklist for a spring tune-up available, but at the very least make sure your wheels are moving smoothly and that they are in relatively good shape. Also check those brakes – safety first! Happy Spring Scooting!