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Your Teen Might Envy You. We Built This Kick Scooter for Adults

When you think of kick scooters, what may very well come to mind is something that is geared more toward kids than adults – but that definitely isn’t the case this day and age. A kick can be used by someone of any age as a great means of transportation that not only provides a quicker way to get around town but also allows for exercise in the process. Do you have a desire to get to and from in a more creative, fun, and unique way?

A kick scooter for adults is sure to accomplish just that.

Kick Scooter for AdultsScooters that are geared toward kids typically weigh around 5-5.5 pounds and can hold a capacity of around a maximum of 140-145 pounds. In comparison, a scooter that is made specifically made for adults can hold a maximum weight of at least 220 pounds. While kick scooters are a great way for kids to have fun and get exercise in the process, a kick scooter for adults can do the same while allowing for a more entertaining commute to work or even just a new and exciting hobby. They also fold up for easy traveling and storage.

The kick scooters on the market for kids mostly weigh around 5-7 pounds, while a kick scooter for adults is typically between 9-11 pounds. While these scooters are a bit heavier, it is for good reason being that they are made to hold a greater amount of weight and some have additional specs such as a wide platform (in some cases you can even ride with your feet side-by-side), a patented steering and foldaway system, self-lubricating bearings, and low-resistance tires to make your journey even more comfortable.

Kick scooters for adults are here to stay.

Let the assumption rest that kick scooters are just for kids, because they definitely are not. If you are interested in a kick scooter for adults, consider all of the benefits that they have, and if you have kids, you can ride along together! Believe it or not, kick scooters are the new craze for fun and for commuting, so join in the fun and try one out for yourself.