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How To Go Greener At Work

No matter your reason, we should think about transitioning to a better, greener way of doing things. While it is important to look at the big picture, we can all individually make a difference by being more mindful of the way we do things every day – like how we get to work, and the decisions that we make along the way.

Bring Your Own Bottle or Glass

If you usually go through disposable plastic water bottles, go greener by choosing to take your own glass, metal or plastic reusable bottle with you – to reduce plastic waste and be kinder to the environment. Most offices have a water cooler. You can fill up your choice of water vessel throughout the day and score an added walking break to boot. Good for the environment and your waistline. Short rest breaks are also good for productivity.

Refill your own water vessel at a water cooler

You can amplify the green-ness by bringing your own coffee mug too. If the office coffee is not your favorite, many coffee shops will give you discounts if you bring your own container. Starbucks will give you 10 cents back if you bring your own cup!

Bring your own coffee mug

Sustainable Travel Options

Every journey – including the one we take towards sustainability – begins with a single step. Getting to work under our own steam is a greener way to go. You could walk to work, bike, or hop on a kick scooter and get there all the faster, without having to contend with all the traffic and parking issues.

Cartoon images of various green methods of commuting

Choose Sustainable Food Options

After gliding along on a kick scooter, you may have worked up an appetite for breakfast. Choose local, organic options to take another great step towards wellness and a more sustainable way of life. Local food is fresher, healthier, and tastes better, because it spends less time in transit from farm to plate, and therefore, loses fewer nutrients and incurs less spoilage. Many cafes and eateries in urban areas source local and organic.

Organic breakfast options

Since we are now fully into spring, even areas with colder winter weather are likely to have delicious local produce on offer. If you want to make an impact your taste buds will thank you for, head to the local farmer’s market and support your local community. You might even be able to kick scooter there! Don’t forget the backpack or Xootr CrossRack to bring back your purchases!

Visit your local farmers market