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How Fast Can a Kick Scooter Go?

When many people picture a kick scooter, they envision a children’s toy with wheels that look like they were pulled off of a pair of rollerblades. If someone asks how fast kick scooters can go, one might expect the answer to be “not very.” However, kick scooters come in all shapes and sizes, with widely varying levels of performance. Top of the line kick scooter models feature solidly engineered decks, and large, durable wheels. With these “elite” performing scooters, cruising speeds can be high, especially when traveling downhill. Larger wheels and high-end tires allow these top models of kick scooters to carry speed and momentum.

Kick scooter speed can be affected!

Cruising a bike lane on a kick scooterIn addition to the way a particular model of scooter is designed, the surface over which it is ridden plays a huge roll in the cruising speed of the kick scooter. Freshly paved roads will allow for greater conservation of energy throughout the ride. Especially when joyriding, sticking to smooth surfaces to ride over will not only help to ensure a bump-free riding experience but also allow for a faster, less exhausting trip. The surface upon which the scooter travels over should also be relatively dry and clean. Wet roads can be a safety hazard for kick scooter riders, especially those traveling at high speeds. A wet road can also prove to have negative effects on overall kick scooter riding experience, as spray from the wheels can quickly soil your outfit. At the end of the day, if the surface and the model are correctly chosen, kick scooting can be the ultimate way to commute to work.

The beauty of the kick scooter lies in its portability. Because the kick scooter can be folded and carried, it can go anywhere that you may travel. Distances that you would ordinarily walk, when bringing a bicycle can be a hassle, can be covered quickly upon a kick scooter. The ride to the subway stop, café around the corner or office, to name a few examples, becomes a breeze and a time saver on board the kick scooter. Bring your scooter aboard public transportation, filling the gap between your locations not covered by your bus, train or trolley. Forget about packing walking shoes with you before heading out the door in the morning, as the kick scooter will be much easier on your aching feet. Top of the line kick scooters travel fast enough to dramatically cut your commute time, even if your destination is only a few blocks away.

Kick scooter safety is always important!

Kick scooters can travel at high speeds, so it is important to be careful when riding. On sidewalks, traveling at high speeds can be dangerous, as pedestrians are often too oblivious to worry about kick scooter traffic. On roadways, try to stay in a bike lane on busier routes, as automobile drivers can be equally unaware. Reflective clothing and safety equipment should be worn, especially at night. Always remember that the faster you are traveling on your kick scooter, the more dangerous you are traveling.