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Halloween on Scooters

Halloween is right around the corner! Whether your plans involve heading out to the hottest costume party or trick-or-treating with your kids, getting around has never been so fun…on scooters! Cover more ground and accumulate more booty using your trusty scooter.

Hansel from Zoolander. Credit: Made by Rae Hansel from Zoolander. Credit: Made by Rae

Avoid Crazy Surge Pricing

Uber, Lyft, and even the low tech taxi make it easy to get around in urban settings. However, when you try to get a ride on a popular night such as Halloween, you can be hit with crazy surge level pricing, turning what normally is a $10 ride into something more like $50! And this is even if you can get a ride in the first place given all the demand from everybody else. Transport will be in high demand over Halloween weekend and on Halloween evening. Avoid the headaches and price gouging by heading out via scooter!

Faster Transport = More Candy

It’s common knowledge that more house visits equals more candy. But sometimes, houses and neighborhoods are a bit spread apart. No fear if you are on your scooter! Having speedy transport makes it easier to drop off the spoils at home and head out again for more.

To the victor, go the spoils! To the victor go the spoils!

Burn Calories Before the Treat Feast

Admittedly, candy (…and liquid candy!) is not the healthiest thing. Scooting beforehand helps work in some exercise so you can feel good about digging into those Snickers bars later.

Ditch the Car and Help the Planet

When neighborhoods are spread out, it’s tempting to drive everywhere. Do yourself and the planet a favor by giving the car a break and heading out on foot, bike, or scooter.

Don’t Ruin Your Costume

Isn’t it the worst when you’re walking around in costume and your footwear gets dirty or otherwise ruined? Or maybe that footwear is really uncomfortable after a couple of blocks. Scooting helps keep your whole costume in top condition while saving your feet.

Add A Light For Safety

Some areas are dark at night without great lighting. Attach a flashlight or LED light to your scooter handlebars so you can see where you’re going…and more importantly, traffic can see you! Any bike light is compatible with Xootr handlebars, but the Planet Bike Beamer3 Headlight has the power of 3 LEDs so you can see up to 2000 feet. You can take this one step further and make your scooter part of your costume by wrapping glowing EL Wire around it.

Glowing Scooters – never lose track of a friend or child at night Glowing Scooters – never lose track of a friend or child at night

Handy Place to Hang A Jack-O-Lantern

It’s easy to scoot and Trick or Treat. Simply hang a bag or Jack-O-Lantern on the handlebar. One on each side if you’re looking for more carrying capacity and better balance! It’s easy – just like Hugh Jackman is doing below. For extra super carrying capacity, use the Xootr Crossrack and watch your friends turn green with candy envy.

Pokemon Go – Special Halloween Edition

Wait you’re still playing Pokemon Go? Did you know that for a limited time, spawn rates of Ghost-type Pokemon are increased, you get double candy for all candy-generating actions, AND your walk a buddy kilometer requirements are dropped? Now is the perfect time to finally catch enough Ghastlys to evolve your Gengar! Scooting or biking helps make catching and hatching efficient since you are traveling faster but still under the approximately 10.5 km/hour speed limit. Check out all the details for the Halloween event here.

Lazy Costume Idea

And finally, if it’s October 31st and still no costume in sight? You can always zip around on your Xootr scooter and say you’re Hugh Jackman.

Hugh Jackman expertly demonstrating the handlebar bag carry on his Xootr Hugh Jackman expertly demonstrating the handlebar bag carry on his Xootr