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Cool Kick Scooters are Here to Stay!

Kick scooters are the transportation sensation sweeping the nation. Across the nation, especially in urban areas, kick scooters have become all the rage in the eyes of commuters. Sleek, stylish and very functional, cool kick scooters are the perfect way to upgrade your life and daily commute. This article will provide an exploration into this new favored method of travel.

Working professionals are mounting their cool kick scooters to aid in their travels.

cool kick scooterSo, what exactly can explain this new phenomenon that is the explosion in popularity of the kick scooter? The first source of this recent popularity of the cool kick scooter is the fact that celebrities have jumped on the opportunity to improve their transportation experience. Tommy Chong, a member of the famous duo Cheech and Chong, can be seen riding his kick scooter around town. He is one of the strongest proponents of commuting via kick scooter. The comedian also loves to use his scooter indoors to travel within his home. Chong is perhaps the least impressive of the celebrities mounting kick scooters. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is a frequent kick scooter user, but wait… there’s more. Uma Thurman, Hugh Jackman, Kate Hudson, Matthew Broderick, Glenn Close, Damian Lewis and John Leguizamo are all frequent kick scooter riders. With very busy lives, combined with their urban life styles, kick scooting makes perfect sense for these celebs as a way of transport. There is no doubt that as these trendsetters chose cool kick scooters as their preferred method of travel, many more will follow in their footsteps.

Cool kick scooter design

The next reason that kick scooters have become increasingly popular is that the companies producing them have really stepped up their game when it comes to design. Gone are the days of the simple, metallic decks designed for kids. Companies across the country are competing with each other to develop the most trendy product in the kick scooter industry. As a result, scooters of all shapes, sizes and styles are available on the market. Deck materials consist of different kinds of wood and metal, at the same time becoming available in a variety of colors. The bottom line is that the look of the scooter has changed forever – for the better.

For those who have hesitated to mount the kick scooter for fear of being ridiculed, those days are no more. Take a few minutes and browse online, looking at the different styles available. There is now a multitude of options for the everyday commuter, depending on personal preference.

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