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Commuter Scooter? Scooter Faster!

If you commute by scooter, which many of our wonderful customers do, you might wonder how to get the most out of your investment. You knew what you were doing – you bought a real deal, heavy-duty scooter and you’re going full-tilt into commuting. So, how do you make the commute as fast and efficient as possible?

Faster Commuter Scooter!

The future of commuter scooters?

You don’t have to add rockets!

When considering how to make your push scooter faster, it is also important to discuss riding method and technique. To maximize speed, body position is a key factor to consider. Rather than standing straight up, creating more wind resistance against your body, bend the leg planted on the scooter and lean forward. Remember to keep your arms flexed as you grip the handlebars from this posture.

This position will make you a more streamlined object, an important element of how to make your push scooter faster. Remember – you’re an active part of your commuter scooter aerodynamic! In terms of the kicking motion, in order to maximize speed and efficiency, the emphasis should be placed on taking long, powerful kicks. Try to place your plant foot (the non-kicking foot) at the front of the scooter’s deck, and drive into the ground through the balls of your feet on your kicking leg. When traveling at high speeds, but not actively kicking, try placing your kicking leg behind your plant leg. Rather than having your two feet side by side on the scooter’s deck, this will create a more streamlined position as well as putting you in a better position to begin kicking.

Smooth surfaces are best for commuter scooters

The final aspect of how to make your push scooter faster is the surface over which you travel. Smooth, freshly paved roads will yield the best conditions for traveling at high speeds. Not only will these smooth surfaces allow you to carry your momentum aboard the scooter, they will also eliminate much of the threat of uncomfortable bumps as you fly over the road. Additionally, steer clear of roads covered in debris such as dead leaves, dirt, sand, etc. At high speeds, unclean surfaces can be a threat to your stability aboard the scooter, especially when wet. With that said, it is always important to wear proper safety gear and take caution when traveling at high speeds.