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Work in the City? Use a Commuter Folding Bike!

We all know that commuting to work can be a bit of a hassle, sitting in traffic day in and day out with nothing but red brake lights ahead of you. What could be more frustrating when merely trying to start (and end) your work day? By using a folding bike that’s well-suited to commuting as your main means of transportation to and from work, you’ll be eliminating the stress that driving your vehicle causes (and will also save your brakes and mileage!) Or, if you don’t have or utilize your car on a daily basis and typically do your city traveling on a full-sized bike, take a second to realize: where do you put it when you get to the office? Lugging it up the stairs and finding an appropriate place to store it during the day is no easy feat. By replacing it with a commuter folding bike for your work-related travels, you’ll be able to store it so it is completely out of your way for your daily grind.

Take our Swift folding bike for example!

A commuter folding bike fits great! In case you aren’t sure exactly what a Swift folding bike is or how it compares to a so-called “regular” bike, it rides exactly the same way. It weighs approximately 25 pounds, making it extremely easy and lightweight for your trip down the hallway, walk up the stairs, or ride up the elevator to your workspace. Folding bikes are also available and customized for a variety of heights and come completely put-together for you; no assembly required.

No matter if you work in a larger office or a smaller cubicle, a folding bike is a much better choice than a standard one for storage purposes. You can keep it under your desk, in a coat closet, or just place it neatly in a corner. Plus, it makes no difference how large or small your apartment or home is – you can store it just the same way when you get back from your workday.

The benefits of a folding bike are just too good!

All in all, a commuter folding bike can make more sense than a full-size one when you are going to and from work, and it definitely beats a rush hour voyage by car. So when traveling via bicycle for your workweek, put the folding version on your list to make your commuting life just a little bit simpler and a whole lot sweeter