Cold Weather Care Guide

Despite being thoroughly treated to prevent oxidation, with prolonged exposure to ice, salt and other watery conditions, the metal components of your bike or scooter can prematurely wear and break. No problem, you’re careful to wipe it down after getting caught in a rainstorm and you never use harsh cleaners on it. When cold weather hits, … [Read more…]

2015 Holiday Gifts for Commuters

As 2015 comes to end, the time has come to go shopping for friends and family. If you’re like us, finding the right gift for your friend or family member can be difficult. Great gift ideas come from knowing the type of person you’re buying for. When it comes to us, a similar interest we find in our … [Read more…]

Upgrade Your Kick Scooter Gear

To those in the scooter community, the true appeal of riding a kick scooter is understood. They have felt the wind rush through their hair as they propelled themselves forward with their kicking, seen the sidewalk blocks whizzing past under their wheels, and watched as onlookers everywhere gazed at them in a combination of jealousy … [Read more…]

Best Commuting Tips For Urban Scooters

You already know we love using a commuter kick scooter for our daily trek to work, but what happens when the leaves start to change and the weather starts to cool off? The more timid amongst you may decide it’s a good time to start driving or taking public transportation, but real die hard urban … [Read more…]

Kick Scooter Power: How Much Do You Need?

I’ve seen scooters and cycles claiming 200 Watts and 18 mph top speed and others claiming 400 Watts and 12 mph top speed. How much power does it actually take to move a person around on a scooter or cycle? Bicycles, scooters, and even automobiles are all governed by the same fundamental power requirements. At constant … [Read more…]

Bike commuting tips for Fall

Now that summer has come to an end, it’s time to welcome autumn with open arms. However, this also begins a countdown to winter, which everyone in the northern part of the country identifies as “the staying inside season”. One of the worst things about this snowy season is the fact that riding your bike becomes … [Read more…]