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Xootr Blog

Optimizing Your Swift – Our Favorite Folding Bike Parts


Though we only sell the Xootr Swift in one configuration, a setup that the majority of riders really enjoy, we also recognize that many of our customers enjoy modifying and improving their bike. For this reason, we have made a conscious effort to ensure our folding bike parts conform to industry standards. This allows our … [Read more…]

The Swift – A Great Hybrid Bike that Happens to Fold

Polished Xootr Swift

The Xootr Swift folding bike folds using our quick fold technology, it uses a smaller wheel, and it looks a little different. With these differences present, we often get asked if the Swift feels strange to ride. We believe that any new bike is going to have an adjustment period, but ultimately the Swift’s ride … [Read more…]

Why You Need to Own a Swift Folding Bike


This article is directed at all the urban citizens making the tragic mistake of owning a traditional, non-folding bicycle. There have been many improvements made to bike design since the early 1800s when bicycling as we know it became popular in Europe and the United States, yet the advent of the folding bike may be … [Read more…]

The Rise of the Folding Bike

Welcome to Philadelphia, a steadily growing city filled with creative, aspiring young people trying to make something of themselves. Construction marks the city’s perimeters, a harbinger of exciting new business and residential opportunities to come. With the expansion of the city and its young and motivated population comes a need for easy and reliable transportation. … [Read more…]

Xootrs in Iberia

Before starting our ten week trip to Spain and Portugal with our new Xootr bikes, we suffered serious anxiety over getting the bikes onto the airplane without paying for oversized luggage or a bike box. Second, only to the airline concern was our worry over whether we would be able to use the bikes while … [Read more…]

Lessons from Europe: How the United States can improve its cycling culture.

With the recent negotiations in Europe to establish the 2030 greenhouse gas reductions and commitment to renewable energy, the continent has placed itself at the forefront of the battle against climate change. The proposed 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and 27% growth in renewable energy have the potential to make a dramatic impact on … [Read more…]

Xootr Expands to a New Factory


Our staff did such a good job making a seamless transition that we hope our customers didn’t even notice, but in October Xootr moved their kick scooter and folding bike operations to a new factory just a few miles south of Scranton in Old Forge, Pennsylvania. Our old building had been getting cramped and we … [Read more…]

How to Set Up a Serious Folding Commuter Bike

Recently one of my former students asked my advice on how to set up a folding commuter bike for daily, year-round use in Philadelphia. I had been inspired by a recent trip to Copenhagen to think about the ideal commuter bike, and so jumped at the chance to help her set it up. Here is … [Read more…]

Bikes Abroad – Europe’s Best Biking Cities

Copenhagen Unlike many larger European cities, Copenhagen has a very noticeable absence of automobiles. Instead, bikes – lots of bikes -flood the streets. Folding bikes, commuting bikes, and bikes of every description are in use by the fifty percent of Copenhagen inhabitants who commute by bicycle daily. In fact, Copenhagen has more bikes than inhabitants. … [Read more…]

5 Reasons You Should Try Cycling Tourism

Karl taking part in the bicycle culture in Copenhagen

Ever wanted to try cycling tourism? There are a lot of reasons why you should indulge, Why you should try cycling tourism! It’s Active How many of us fear gaining weight when we travel? Between the extra meals at restaurants, drinks and generally being in ‘relaxation mode’ it is easy to pack on a couple … [Read more…]