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Bike commuting tips for Fall

Now that summer has come to an end, it’s time to welcome autumn with open arms. However, this also begins a countdown to winter, which everyone in the northern part of the country identifies as “the staying inside season”. One of the worst things about this snowy season is the fact that riding your bike becomes unpleasant, a hassle, and quite frankly more dangerous. Most people lock their bikes away until spring. That’s why fall is so important. It marks the last few months that a person is able to use their bike before saying goodbye. The last few months of where riding your bike are fun and, if you’re commuting, still practical. So everyone should get out there and ride.

Riding in the fall is different than riding in the summer or spring.

Winter is comingTemperatures decrease, attitudes change, and holiday decorations become increasingly obnoxious. That’s why I came up with a few bike commuting tips for Fall. Ways to make your ride better, and ideas of what to do on your bike. Because winter is coming, so you better go out enjoy your bike the best you can!

Bike Commuting Tips #1 – New season, new cloths

Riding through the autumn leavesUnfortunately, we are no longer in a season where sleeveless shirts and cutoff jean shorts are acceptable attire. Especially when it gets darker, the temperature lowers to a point where a nice breeze turns into a painful slap in the face to your bare skin. Wearing layers, or long sleeves and pants will ensure that only your face is feeling the breeze, keeping you warm while still having fun. If you’re wearing pants that go past your ankle, try cuffing them at the bottom. Getting a pant leg caught on any part of the bike can end up ruining your pants or cause you to fall. I wouldn’t recommend either.

Bike Commuting Tips #2 – Enjoy the sights

Fall foliage in the mountainsAutumn is in the running to be the most aesthetically pleasing season. The leaves turning colors is an amazing thing to see, whether you’re outside or just creeping on someone’s Instagram. Plan on taking scenic routes to every one of your destinations. There is something about beautiful scenery that enhances a bike ride. It just puts you in a better mood. So the next time your boss blames you for something that was Frank’s fault, take a breath, grab your bike and check out all the leaves changing. It’s a better alternative than losing it on Frank.

Bike Commuting Tips #3 – Add your bike to your costume

Bicycle Halloween costumesHalloween is coming up, which means two things: Everyone dressing up as the Avengers, and cavities as the result of candy overdoses. Many people stress out trying to find the perfect costume. Why not get some more use out of your bike? Adding your bike to your costume opens up a lot of possibilities. It could be a horse, a motorcycle, some weird Mad Maxcontraption….really anything you want. It’ll make trick-or-treating a lot easier. It’s also creative and gives you the opportunity to ride a bike anywhere with the excuse of, “I need it. It’s part of my costume.”

Bike Commuting Tips #4 – Go picking

Apple picking by bicycleIt’s time to get real festive. Attaching a basket to the front or back of your bike takes it from a mode of transportation to a legitimate food cart. Seems strange, but actually having some sort of basket is great for carrying your book bag or food, and lets you focus on riding. After attaching the basket, go apple picking or pumpkin picking with some friends on your bikes and see how much more fun the experience is on wheels. Plus the spoils of your adventure can turn into various pies or decorations, so really it’s a no brainer.

Bike Commuting Tips #5 – Get. Pumpkin. Stuff.

Pumpkin spice everythingThis is the season of pumpkin flavor. Bikes get you to the store faster. Ride your bike. Get pumpkin stuff. Be happy. Simple as that.

I hope some of these tips will help the bike lovers out there really enjoy their bicycle during the fall season. Some people do away with their bikes as soon as summer is over, which I think is a real mistake. Autumn has a lot of neat stuff happening and having a bike can make them a lot better. Remember to ride smart and safe, because riding bikes is way more fun when you don’t fall off and break something. So go and have some fun on your bike!