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Better Uses for Your Old Cheap Kick Scooters After Buying a Xootr!

Here at Xootr, we pride ourselves on building quality kick scooters that will last a lifetime. That’s why we make it easy to upgrade, repair and maintain and your Xootr. We even have an on-site service department right here in our Old Forge, PA factory! That’s right – we believe so strongly in our Xootr scooters that you can ship them back for repair or upgrade. The same, unfortunately, cannot be said for other scooters. It’s a sad truth, but cheap kick scooters tend to break, chip, and deteriorate until they are ultimately disposed of. Sure they look nice a first, but beauty is only skin deep. They’re not made to last very long, and end up collecting dust in closets and garages.

Let’s find ways for cheap kick scooters to have purpose again!

We here at Xootr are eco-friendly and hate to waste anything, so we decided to find ways for cheap kick scooters to find purpose once more. If it’s not being used to ride, why not find another use for it? You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you should be able to put pointed ears on that dog and call it cat. It’s all about getting creative and turning your negative into a positive. With that in mind, here are some new function ideas for your cheap kick scooters!

Coat Rack

Are jackets and sweatshirts cluttering your home or office? An old kick scooter is perfect to casually drape your belongings on. A coat rack on wheels? Fancy!


Door Stopper

IMG_2703Tired of getting locked out of your office when you head up onto your roof deck to sunbathe in the middle of the day? With a cheap kick scooter, you can sunbathe for hours with the comforting knowledge that you won’t be locked out!


Selfie Stick

john-xootr-picSay cheese…..

DSCF1005Taking selfies has never been easier! Now you can constantly get the perfect shot with a little help from your old kick scooter! Let your narcissism shine!



Toilet Paper Holder

IMG_2695Self explanatory!

Those are just few tips of how to make the most out of your old scooter. Do you have any new function ideas for cheap kick scooters? Share them with us!

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